Wheel Alignment Gaithersburg, MD

You’re most likely looking up information on wheel alignment because you’ve notice your car, truck or SUV pulling to the left or right when you are attempting to drive straight. Let Winkler Automotive help you out. We perform wheel alignments on a regular basis and are more than happy to do the same for you. It is important to have your wheel alignment checked every so often as there are several factors that could knock your wheels out of alignment. Potholes, dropping off a curb, or regular driving for an extended period of time can shift the alignment of your wheels.

The reason why you want your wheels to be aligned is so that your tires are making even contact with the road. When your wheels and subsequently your tires are misaligned, it can cause uneven wear on your tire tread, if this goes long enough without being checked it may significantly shorten the life of your tires.

Another threat to proper wheel alignment and the health of your tires is worn out suspension.

Suspension Check in Gaithersburg, MD

If you feel that your ride is far bumpier than before or just more noticeable than when you first purchased your vehicle let us check the suspension. It could be you have components that need to be replaced. The primary function of your suspension system is keep all of your wheels and therefore tires in constant contact with the road. This helps to improve traction. If your suspension system is worn out, not only will you feel it as described above, the effectiveness of your tire tread will be minimized.

Much like having misaligned wheels, if your suspension is preventing your tires from making consistent and even contact with the road it could cause the need for new tires sooner than expected.

Therefore whenever you suspect an issue with your suspension be sure to call us here at Winkler Automotive where we work hard to be your one stop shop for all things automotive.

Feel free to give us a call, drive into our shop or conveniently schedule an appointment online for a day and time that works best for you!


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