Thanksgiving car repair special

Four Important Steps to Take

For our family, Thanksgiving is a time for traditions, friends, good food and good times. And it usually involves the dreaded Thanksgiving travel… It is by far the Nation’s busiest travel day of the year, a time when millions of families take to the road.
If you are amongst those who will be driving, you’ll want to make sure your trusted vehicle will take you there and back trouble free.
And you can do just that by ensuring you do the following:

Get up to date on regular maintenance:
You live a busy life, keep to a busy schedule, and the last thing you need is for your vehicle to break down. Your vehicle is made up of multiple systems, each requiring regular maintenance to ensure optimal and reliable performance. Whether it’s your brake system, cooling system, steering system, electrical system, transmission system to name a few, it’s always best to undertake a road trip knowing they are all working optimally.

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Drive on the right tires
The most important thing to do if you have not done so in the last 6 months is to have your tires inspected and rotated. Balding, cupped, dry or rotted tires can spell disaster on long road trips, especially if you encounter rainy weather. Are the tires inflated to the right pressure?

Keep your Vehicle cool
By far the most important system to check on your vehicle. When the coolant system is not working at peak performance, it will tend to have a domino effect on other systems of the engine. Checking your coolant system means checking the system’s hoses for cracks or bulges, leaks, old cooling fluid, and if needed, perform a radiator pressure test. Also, if you have never done it and your vehicle manufacturer recommends it based on mileage, it’s time to change the water pump. And because the thermostat is right by the water pump, it’s always recommended that it be changed as well because you’ll save on the labor doing both at the same time.

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Clean up the inside:
You may think cleaning up a car before a road trip is counter-intuitive. But not if safety is in play. For one, remove any items inside the car and the trunk you do not need on your trip. Your car will be lighter, and you will have more room for what you really need to take! Make sure your windows and windshield are clean. This will improve visibility, reduce glare at night and greatly reduce the likelihood of steamy glass.

If you prefer, our team will make sure your vehicle is ready for the trip ahead. Call and make an appointment for peace of mind this upcoming Thanksgiving road trip, and take advantage of our Thanksgiving Road Trip special.


Includes Free Wiper Blades and an application of RainX*, an $19 value. Paired with a new pair of wiper blades, RainX treatment is applied to the outside of the windshield and dramatically improves wet weather driving visibility.

May you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday, wherever the road may take you!
Best Regards,
Karim Morsli


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